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About Us

About Us

What You Need to Know About Vividly Aussie?

Vividly Aussie is a blog dedicated to the readers willing to acquire valuable information about various aspects of life in the beautiful country of Australia. We cover topics related to business, finance, technology, arts and culture, fashion, sports, travel, and many more categories.

We strive hard to ensure that our blog posts are worthy to read. Our team of market researchers and writers focus on addressing several pain points of different audience groups. We always try to create content that compels readers to not just read but also share the same with their social and professional groups.

Our writers put a great deal of research into every write-up. They double-check the facts and statistics before sharing them with our audience. We publish informational blog posts, news articles of regional, national and international interest, stories, and other types of content. Our team comprises writers who are experienced in varied industries.

Do You Want to Write for Our Magazine?

Bridging the gap between businesses and customers in Australia is one of our prime objectives. Therefore, we allow businesses to submit a guest post for publishing on our blog. We accept content that clearly exhibits the expertise of business firms without misleading the readers.

Before accepting any guest post or guest article, our team conducts a proper review. We make sure that all the content contributions are in line with our policies. Though submitting the guest blog posts is considered as one of the best ways to get backlinks, we see that our site does not end up becoming just a venue for generating links as a part of the link building strategy of businesses.

We have been accepting guest posts from businesses belonging to various models and industries. Sole proprietorships, partnerships, companies, and other types of business firms can contribute to our site. Even non-government organisations (NGOs) and individuals can submit content.

If you want to know more about us or enquire about our guest posting guidelines, you can reach us here .