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Advertise With Us

Along with providing useful and interesting content, we also want to provide our audience with information about various products and services that can make their life easier. We intend to achieve this objective by displaying relevant advertisements on our website.

We have dedicated banner advertisement spaces with different dimensions on our site. But we use these spaces just to earn money. We are committed to ensuring that our readers have a convenient and pleasant reading experience. So, we post only those advertisements that promote business firms that offer high-quality products and services. We take care not to promote any business enterprise that has a bad reputation in the market.

Why You Should Advertise on Our Site?

We publish content in the form of blog posts on topics related to varied niches. Health, home improvement, home décor, automobiles, business, digital marketing, fashion, travel, food, beauty, sports, technology, and entertainment are some of these niches. Therefore, our audience comprises readers who have a variety of interests. We keep making efforts to expand our expertise, and thereby, our audience base.

Thus, by placing your advertisements on our website, you can reach a large base of loyal readers. Your brand will get the needed exposure. By creating a catchy and meaningful headline, you can guarantee clicks on your advertisement, and thereby, increase the visitors to your site. Our rates for all advertisement spaces are extremely reasonable.

In order to achieve the target that you set for the banner advertisement campaign, you should insert in your banner, the link to an appropriate landing page on your website. Before designing and sending the banner to us (or any other site), you should choose a landing page. You should also ensure that the landing page you choose is perfect. Include all the important elements on that page, for example, excellent headings, valuable content, and compelling call-to-action statements.

You can post advertising banners for leading the audience to relevant product and service pages on your website, or inform them about your product launches and promotional offers, or share an informative blog post published on your site. The sky is the limit when you think about utilising the banners for growing your business.

Banner Advertising Spaces Available with Us

We have six (6) spaces for placing banners on our website. All these advertising banners are located strategically. Their dimensions are as follows:

  • 728 X 90 Pixels (2 Spaces)
  • 1170 X 90 Pixels (2 Spaces)
  • 1170 X 135 Pixels (1 Space)
  • 768 X 89 Pixels (1 Space)

You can buy one or more spaces depending on your specific needs and goals. By using our advertisement spaces, you can promote your business firm for a week, month, year, or any other duration. If you have some unique requirements or a long-term campaign, we can offer customised pricing to you. We can also create customised advertisement spaces to suit your business objectives.

How to Get Your Banners on Our Website?

Send an email to or fill the enquiry form on the Contact Us page of our site if you feel interested in advertising on Vividly Aussie. If you don’t find our prices attractive, please feel free to share your budget with us. We will surely try to find some way to work around it.

Through this site, we want to fulfil our motive of creating a platform that can be considered trustworthy by every party. The groups of audiences that follow our blog are genuine and consistent readers who believe in quality, ethics, and transparency. In today’s time, advertising on the Internet has become compulsory for increasing brand awareness and sales. So, our website can turn out to be a great platform for giving your brand the recognition it deserves.

Whether you are a business owner, manager, marketing professional, artist, digital marketing agency executive, or event organiser, we might be able to help you. Our advertising banner spaces are available for B2C, B2B, and C2C business models. If you are looking for affordable advertisement options, get in touch with us today!