FAQs | Vividly Aussie


  1. How to Navigate the Website?
  2. Navigating the website is extremely easy. You can check different pages and blog posts on the website by referring to the top main, main menu, footer menu, and sidebar menu. The social menu has the links of our social media profiles. You can refer to the “Sitemap” page as well.

  3. How to Contact Vividly Aussie?
  4. The various ways through which you can contact us are mentioned on the “Contact Us” page of our website. Please check it here. You can also opt for approaching us via social media. The links of our social media profiles are displayed at noticeable places on the website.

  5. How to Write for Vividly Aussie?
  6. You can write for Vividly Aussie in accordance with the rules and processes laid out in the “Write For Us” page of our website. Please check it here.

  7. How to Submit Sponsored Content?
  8. We accept sponsored content provided it meets our standards. You can read the information about how to submit sponsored content on the “Sponsored Content” page of our website. Please check it here.

  9. How to Advertise on Vividly Aussie?
  10. Different advertisement options available for displaying your advertisements on the Vividly Aussie website are specified on the “Advertise With Us” page of our website. Please check it here.

  11. Are there any Specific Terms of Use?
  12. Just like all other websites, Vividly Aussie website also has some terms and conditions that visitors should be aware of. These terms and conditions are meant to protect the interests and rights of all the stakeholders (parties) related to the website. They are mentioned on the “Terms and Conditions” page. Please check it here.

  13. Does Vividly Aussie Breach Privacy?
  14. No, we don’t breach the privacy of any party related to the website. The “Privacy Policy” page of the website explains how we take care of the privacy of every party. Please check it here.

For all other queries and doubts, please feel free to get in touch with us. You can send an email to hello@vividlyaussie.com or fill the form on the Contact Us page of our website.