5 Amazing Tips on How to Prevent Hair Fall in Winter

5 Amazing Tips on How to Prevent Hair Fall in Winter

5 Amazing Tips on How to Prevent Hair Fall in Winter

Hair is not just a vital part of your physical appearance but also a strong indicator of your health. When you are fit and fine, your hair will shine and grow thicker. If your body does not contain a sufficient amount of all the required nutrients, then it will get reflected in your hair pretty quickly. Your hair will appear thin and dull. You will start noticing that your hair is falling out.

Therefore, you must consider both internal and external factors when it comes to taking care of your hair. A variety of factors affect the overall health and appearance of your hair. These factors include but are not limited to foods, beverages, medicines, shampoo, conditioner, mask, serum, oil, comb, hair accessories, and climate. In simple words, you need to pay attention to both the diet that you follow and the products that you apply to your hair.

However, one factor that is not under your control is the local climate or weather conditions in your region. You might consume healthy foods and beverages and use the best quality hair care products. You might even take the necessary steps to ensure that your hair grows smooth, thick, and glossy. Some of these steps are combing the hair regularly, drying the wet hair, and protecting hair from rain and sun.

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But, no matter how much you try, you cannot control the season or weather conditions. When the season changes, a lot of changes are seen in the temperature levels, humidity, moisture, and other elements of nature. These changes affect both the human body and the human mind.

As hair is also a part of the human body, it is bound to get affected in several ways. Every season has its pros and cons that combinedly show their effects on your hair. As far as the winter season is concerned, it brings trouble for almost all the ladies out there. Hair fall is a common scenario in the winter season. If you want to know “how does cold weather affect hair loss?” or if you are wondering “why does my hair fall out during winter?”, then please continue reading as we have tried to answer all these questions in the paragraphs ahead.

How to Control Hair Fall in Winter at Home: Read These Tips

The winter season is characterized by cold winds and chilly weather. The air is drier in the winter months compared to other months of the year. The dry or arid air absorbs all the moisture from your hair and scalp. When the hair and scalp become dry, hair fall is the most common outcome.

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Due to lack of moisture, hair loses its strength, vitality, and shine. Your hair starts breaking, and ultimately, it falls out. Hair fall is not the only outcome of a dry scalp. Dandruff also starts appearing on the scalp during the winter season. Overall, you might feel that your head is unhealthy, unclean, and itchy.

So, if you have been trying to find the answer to the question, “Is hair fall normal in winter?”, we must let you know that the answer is “Yes”. It’s completely normal to shed hair when the chilly weather arrives. Even some of those who are able to keep their hair strong and healthy in other seasons fail to do in winters.

Many people become restless during the winter months after encountering hair loss. They stay in constant search of cost-effective solutions on how to control hair fall in winter season. While some people buy special products made to prevent hair fall in winter, others resort to home remedies to stop hair fall in winter. We have provided effective tips on how to reduce hair fall during winter.

  • Give Your Hair Oil Massages
  • Applying oil to your hair has been proven to be a highly beneficial technique to reduce hair fall. The practice of oiling your hair has been followed for years. Oil provides your hair with natural nourishment just like water nourishes your body. It’s important to mention here that we are not referring to merely taking a few drops of oil and rubbing them on your hair.

    You should give your hair and scalp a thorough oil massage by taking a sufficient quantity of good hair oil. Coconut oil, castor oil, amla oil (gooseberry oil), almond oil, sesame oil, olive oil, and bhringraj oil are the different options available to you in terms of oil used to massage your hair.

    If you are confused about how to stop hair fall in winter with the help of hair oil, then you must know that an oil massage promotes circulation of the blood. It also increases the strength of the hair follicles as oils contain the vitamins necessary for hair growth.

    The right way of doing an oil massage is to take the warm oil. You can warm up the oil of your choice in a small bowl. Apply the warm oil to the length of your hair and on the scalp too. Let the oil penetrate deep into the scalp and nourish the ends as well. If you have also gotten dandruff because of the dry air, you should mix some amount of camphor in the oil.

  • Choose the Hair Care Products Wisely
  • In order to prevent hair fall in winter before it starts, you should make changes in the stock of hair care products that you have at your home. You should replace products that contain chemicals with herbal and natural products. Using products that contain zero to no chemicals or toxic substances is the key to maintaining healthy hair in the winter season.

  • Follow a Healthy and Nutritious Diet
  • Just like all other parts of your body, your hair also needs proper nutrition to grow. Hair follicles keep falling out on a daily basis. The body replaces these follicles with new hair follicles that are grown daily. The body needs to have certain vitamins and other nutrients to be able to grow new hair follicles.

    Thus, a simple solution to the problem, “how to stop winter hair fall” is to follow a healthy and nutritious diet. You need to eat foods and drink beverages that provide your body with the required nutritional intake. You should plan and prepare your meals in such a way that they contain an adequate amount of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, protein, zinc, folic acid, and other nutrients.

    Healthy fruits and vegetables

    Make sure to include green vegetables, legumes, cereals, and fruits in your diet. If you are a non-vegetarian, you can eat fish, lean meats, and eggs to promote hair growth. It’s easy for anyone to indulge heavily in fast food or junk food items during winters as the digestion power of the body is high during that time.

    But you must resist indulging in bad habits like unhealthy eating and binge eating. Moreover, you should drink enough water in winter. Water keeps your hair hydrated, thereby preventing rough and brittle hair. People limit their water intake due to cold weather but it can prove to be harmful to your hair health.

  • Consume and Apply Certain Items
  • Certain food items can give your body the required nutrition to combat the effects of the harsh arid air that blows during the winter months. These food items include but are not limited to amla (gooseberries), jaggery, sesame seeds, peanuts, oatmeal, ghee (clarified butter), almond butter, spinach, sweet potatoes, and avocados.

    You can consume these items in different forms, for example, you can eat gooseberries raw, drink their juice, or eat their powder. Similarly, you can eat jaggery in a raw form, consume its powder, or make different drinks from it. You can even put jaggery in your tea or coffee to replace sugar.

    Hands breaking eggs in a bowl

    When it comes to how to avoid hair fall in winter, making changes in the diet is not enough. You should also be mindful of the products you apply to your hair. You can use some of the items that are easily available in your kitchen to moisturize your hair. A few examples include honey, onion juice, yoghurt, coconut milk, avocado paste, banana, and eggs.

  • Take the Necessary Precautions
  • Along with paying attention to your diet and hair care products, you should pay attention to your habits and lifestyle. Many people feel inclined towards taking hot showers for a long duration of time every day in winter. Some people even wash their hair with hot water.

    But hot showers can be detrimental to the health and smoothness of your hair. Instead of using hot water to take a shower, you can use lukewarm water. You should minimize the use of hair styling appliances like blow dryers and curling irons. The heat emitted from these appliances can damage your hair.

When you follow the tips mentioned above, you will notice the results in the strength and shine of your hair. You can also try to prevent hair fall in winter by yoga, as various yoga asanas can help in growing hair faster.


The knowledge about how to stop hair fall in winter season will enable you to keep your hair thicker, stronger, and glossier during the cold months of the year.

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