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Regular Pest Treatment For House: Why Is It Necessary?

Regular Pest Treatment For House: Why Is It Necessary?

You don’t have to be an avid watcher of discovery channel to know that human beings are not the only creatures that live in this world. Since the beginning of time, many different kinds and species of living creatures have inhabited this planet Earth. The existence of every type of creature is important for maintaining ecological balance.

But what if some creature invades your home and starts creating a nuisance? Would you be able to tolerate the risk posed by that creature to your health and possessions? We are sure that your answer would be ‘No’. You don’t need to feel guilty for trying to protect your property and family.

So, whenever you encounter a pest infestation in your house, you should make all the possible efforts for eliminating it. Various types and species of pests attack residential properties in Australia. They not only cause a substantial amount of damage but also spread diseases. Termites, ants, rats, mice, spiders, wasps, bees, and moths are some of the pest types.

A large number of houses get affected by pest invasions every year. It’s not necessary that a particular house will get affected by only one type or species of pest. Any given residential building can get infested with more than one type of pest at different points in time or simultaneously.

Thus, pest control treatment at home is necessary for removing pests. Only with the help of the right products and methods, you can make your house pest-free. Ignoring the pest infestation can lead to harmful consequences, such as financial loss, diseases, and mental unrest. Exterminating pests that have been living in the property for a long duration is even more difficult and time-consuming.

What Causes a Pest Infestation in Residential Properties?

Now, we know that most people believe that lack of cleanliness is the sole factor behind the occurrence of pest invasions. It’s a general opinion of many people that buildings that are unkempt become the target of pests. Whenever any house gets infested with any type of pest, people, including the owner starts thinking that uncleanliness must be the reason that led the pests to enter their premises.

But the truth is that uncleanliness is just one of many factors that contribute to a pest infestation. Other factors include but are not limited to holes in the foundation, siding in contact with the soil, cracks in walls or ceilings, gaps around the crawl space, broken pipes, trees or shrubs that touch the siding or roof, damaged gutter, and excessive moisture.

Moreover, houses that are kept neat and clean all the time can also become the target of pests. It’s worth mentioning here that you should not neglect the significance of cleanliness after reading this. You should keep your home tidy and organised at all times. Unorganised spaces like a basement filled with extra items can become the harbouring areas for pests. In order to prevent pest infestation at home, you should also ensure that your property is free from all the aforementioned problems.

What are the Different Signs of Pest Infestations?

By having the knowledge of signs of a pest infestation, you can become aware that the house has become the shelter of unwanted guests. If you are capable of spotting the signs that indicate the presence of pests, you can take appropriate and timely action.

Though pests strive hard to live discreetly within your premises, their activities lead to the emergence of signs. The damage that they cause while roaming in your property cannot stay hidden for long. Unless you are someone who doesn’t look around in their home, you can come across several indicators within a few days of a pest invasion. Below mentioned are some of the telltale signs of infestation caused by different types of pests.

  • Termite Infestation
  • Sightings of termite swarmers, hollow sounding wooden objects, hard to open doors and windows, damaged wooden surfaces (floor, etc.) and objects (windows, fences, deck, etc.), discarded wings, termite droppings, and mud tubes on walls.

  • Rat Infestation
  • reeSightings of rats, scratching noises, squeaking noises, nests, burrows (holes), foul odours, rub marks on surfaces and objects, rat droppings, gnaw marks, footprints, and damage caused to objects and surfaces.<

  • Moth Infestation
  • Sightings of moths (flying or crawling), holes in clothing, loose carpet fibres, tiny tubes (moth larvae) stuck to the fabric, holes in food bags, and moth eggs and larvae in pantry corners.

  • German Cockroaches
  • Sightings of cockroaches, cockroach droppings, musty smell, German cockroach egg capsules, skin sheds, smear marks, dead cockroaches, and damage caused to objects.

  • Ant Infestation
  • Sightings of ants, ant nests (piles of dirt or soil), piles of dirt in the garden, ant trails or pathways, and sounds coming from the walls.

On noticing the signs of a pest invasion in your house, you might think whether you should pay any attention or not. Whether you are sure of the infestation or not, you should take the signs seriously and check your property thoroughly. If possible, you should get the pest inspection done for your home at periodic intervals. The professionals will inspect your property thoroughly.

How to Get Rid of a Pest Infestation?

Once you are fully aware of the presence of pests inside your premises, you should remove them without wasting any time. Now the only question is “How Do You Get Rid of a Pest Infestation? It’s a well-known fact that pests can be eliminated through multiple ways, for example, over-the-counter products, home remedies, traps, baits, and pest treatment services.

Many people commit the mistake of thinking that they can handle pest control on their own. They either buy OTC products, like pest control spray for home or use home remedies, such as essential oils and vinegar. The fact that people search for “How to do Pest Control at Home by Yourself”, “How Pest Control is Done at Home”, and “How Much Does a Pest Control Treatment Cost?” on the Internet proves that many people try to handle pest control on their own due to fear of high charges or any other reason.

But they end up wasting more time and money as professionals can do the job better. Just like a broken car can be repaired by specialists, i.e., automotive technicians, a pest infestation can be removed by pest treatment specialists, i.e., pest treatment companies. These companies have professionals who possess the required knowledge and experience in the field of pest control.

How Can Pest Control Services Help You?

Do it yourself pest control might make your home pest-free for now, but in a few weeks, you will again notice the signs of a pest infestation. The reason behind this is that do-it-yourself pest control products are not a long-term solution to the problem of a pest invasion.

By choosing the best pest control services, you can keep your house free from all types and species of pests for a long time. The pest control technicians examine every corner of the property and examine the signs of infestation to determine the severity of the infestation. Then, they select the most suitable products and techniques for eliminating the pests.

However, not every pest control service provider can be trusted. You need to choose the top company for receiving pest treatment services. You should conduct a fair amount of research for selecting the pest treatment company. “Pest control treatment near me”, “pest treatment companies near me” and “pest control for home near me” are various search terms that you can use on the Internet.

For pest control after treatment, you can consult the professionals whom you hire. They might provide you with some valuable tips regarding how to avoid the re-entry of pests in your home. You should discuss the method, safety precautions, time, cost, and other aspects related to the pest treatment to be conducted at your home beforehand.


No matter how hard you try, you might face the problem of a pest infestation once in a while. Therefore, you should resort to regular pest inspection and pest treatment. When it comes to the health of your family, you cannot underestimate the importance of pest control at home.

We certainly hope that you would have found this blog post helpful! Do let us know what you think about pest control and prevention in the comments section below.

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