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Simple Tips to Use Feng Shui in Your Home

Simple Tips to Use Feng Shui in Your Home
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When it comes to making the most important decisions related to your home, a lot of considerations come into play. From functionality and aesthetics to comfort and budget, you need to pay attention to various aspects. Homeowners and renters use age-old as well as modern methods available at their disposal for achieving their desired objectives. One of these methods is Feng Shui.

In the recent years, Feng Shui Australia has increased in popularity. The reason attributing to this fact is the rise in awareness, amongst the people, regarding the concept of Feng Shui. More and more people in Australia are inclining towards incorporating Feng Shui in their homes.

Whether the property is self-owned or rented, feng shui can work wonders for every type and size of property. If you believe that this concept was just one of the fads in the interior designing realm, you need to give it a second thought. The ancient Chinese concept of Feng Shui has strong roots and deep philosophy. These features have compelled people to rely on it for years.

Both beginners and experts keep trying new ways of making a feng shui home. If you are someone who wants to explore feng shui architecture, you should start with understanding its meaning and implications. Don’t let the words ‘architecture’ and ‘interior designing’ scare you as feng shui is neither complex nor costly.

In fact, any feng shui consultant will tell you that you don’t need to uproot your house or make big structural changes to make it feng shui-friendly. You just need to ensure that your house is furnished, decorated, and maintained as per some basic principles. These principles are meant to ensure that your residential property gets all the benefits intended to receive from feng shui.

Feng Shui Meaning and Feng Shui Elements

The practice of feng shui aims at creating a balanced environment by bringing ‘positive chi’, i.e., ‘positive energy’ into your home. As per the traditional Chinese culture and medicine, the word ‘Chi’ means a vital force or spiritual energy that forms part of a living entity. This physical force or energy is believed to be running through the living beings as well as non-living beings.

Chi is associated with five elements or five phases, namely, fire, earth, water, metal, and wood. These elements are present in your home to some extent. The extent to which element is present might vary from house to another. Feng shui experts say that establishing harmony between these elements, which represent the natural world, and your home can make your life more fulfilling.

With the help of feng shui, this goal can be accomplished. Properly cultivating the feng shui in your home can lead to positive effects on your overall well-being. When you get in sync with the environment around you, all the aspects of your life, viz., health, prosperity, career, and relationships will start improving.

Techniques for Cultivating Feng Shui in Your Home

Let’s delve into how you can make your home feng shui-friendly effortlessly for inviting positive energy and living happily than before.

  • Keep the Entryway Organized
  • A wide, clean, and properly lighted entryway of a house with a paved floor, doormat, and table for placing plants.
    A clean and organised entryway of a house with adequate lighting and free space.

    Just like the occupants of a house, the energy also comes inside through the front door. Therefore, you should make your entryway look inviting and organized. Make it spacious as ‘chi’ or energy needs space for getting collected. You can start by removing unnecessary items like rotten plants and paper garbage. In order to make the entryway appear more inviting, you can keep plants.

    Next, you need to keep your entryway neat. You should ensure that just like the indoor areas of your home, the entryway is also cleaned regularly. Get the dust off the door mats as they get dirtier than you can think due to the footwear of everyone coming from outside. Don’t forget to clean the door, edges of the door, and door knob.

    Last but not the least, your entryway should be lit up properly to avoid the risk of tripping. Well-lit entryways make a home more aesthetically pleasing. You can add items which are highly functional yet simple, like storage solutions for shoes, umbrellas, raincoats, and jackets.

  • Set up Furniture in Commanding Position
  • Feng Shui prescribes that you should be in a commanding position to achieve command over your life. A commanding position simply refers to the position of key pieces of furniture placed in your house. This feng shui principle relates to three pieces of furniture – 1) The Bed, 2) The Desk, and 3) The Stove. It is said that the bed represents you, the desk represents your career, and the stove represents your wealth.

    It’s advisable that all these objects should not be in direct line with the door. It means that when you are using these objects or when you are in areas where these items are placed, you should not be in direct line with the door. Similarly, you should not have your back to the door while using any of these objects.

  • Ensure Cleanliness in All the Areas
  • A clean and decluttered home can make the energy or ‘chi’ stay inside. Would you like to spend time at a place which is full of clutter or looks dirty? ‘No’, right! Similarly, energy would also not like to be in spaces that are not kept tidy and decluttered.

    Make it a point to create and maintain a proper cleaning schedule for all the areas of your home. Clean your work station, windows, door handles, and other objects and surfaces thoroughly. Don’t let stains and spots settle in on desks, chairs, countertops, and other surfaces. Get rid of waste objects like old magazines, milk cartons, newspapers, and plastic bottles.

  • Make Your Daily Routes Obstacle-Free
  • Two large rooms of a house that are well-furnished and properly organised, and have a lot of space to move around freely
    A home with sufficient space to move around easily and quickly.

    While carrying out your daily tasks in your home, you must be moving from one area to another frequently. The routes you use for moving between different areas should be free from obstacles. These routes include but are not limited to route from bedroom to kitchen, living room to kitchen, bedroom to bathroom, living room to parking space and so on.

    Having obstacles in the way can lead to not only loss of time but also accidents. You will experience inefficiency in performing your activities inside the house. Remove the obstacles to move freely and safely. With smooth and efficient routes, you will get more clarity in your life.

  • Have Visually Appealing Areas
  • By making the different areas in your home look visually appealing, you can fill your mind with peace and inspiration. Nice aesthetics can change the way you feel about your house, about your life, and about yourself. Many home décor items are available in the market for you.

    But one of the best options is greenery – Natural plants and trees can help you feel calm and relaxed. You can also choose artificial flowers in areas where keeping natural ones is not possible. Pictures of gardens and forests can also serve the purpose. You can even keep statues or idols of gods that you believe in as well as photos of your loved ones.

    Parting Thoughts

    The tips mentioned above just scratch the surface. The feng shui concept is immensely wide, and so, you can refer to various sources for enhancing your knowledge. You can even consult a feng shui expert. By acquiring the required knowledge and taking the necessary steps, you can incorporate feng shui in your home successfully.

    We hope that you would have found this blog post useful! If you want to share some great feng shui tips, please post them in the comment section below.

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